Debate 2: Domestic, The Rise Of Clegg

“I agree with Nick”

“Liberal Democrat poll surge could wipe out Labour”

“Liberal Democrats surge after Nick Clegg’s TV debate performance”

Just some of the headlines that litter the internet like shrapnel from a liberal bomb. Right now Tory and Labour strategists must be scratching their heads and muttering, “just how did they do it?”

On Wednesday things were plodding along as they had been the past month: Conservatives still held a steady lead in the polls, though they were slipping against a Labour party gaining momentum. This has been happening for some time, Brown stalking Cameron like Mike Myers in Halloween – never running, but a bringing a sense of impending inevitable doom.

And then the TV debate happened. Everyone was expecting Nick Clegg to benefit the most, he is after all so unknown that he could hardly drop in the public’s esteem. What the pundits didn’t expect was Clegg to connect with the public so fundamentally.

Lets make this clear though, he wasn’t Jesus Christ, risen again but this time armed to the teeth. He was simply a good natured liberal. What put Labour and Conservatives so far off-guard was that they had forgotten that politics is about policy. So when Clegg started suggesting inherently logical Lib Dem proposals they were utterly flummoxed and felt the tide of opinion flow from beneath their swollen feet so fast they thought an earthquake was occurring.

If anything I thought Clegg was a bit too nice. I would like to have seen Charles Kennedy there, cracking jokes and swigging from a hip flask.

Brown did well, not enough to stop people hating him, but enough to dispel a lot of the tabloid muck.

Cameron, on the other hand, was the biggest loser of the evening. It had looked like he had the perfect advantage: the public on his side, leading in the polls, positioned in the middle to look prime-ministerial. But what happened? He looked vacuous. Not experienced enough to match Brown and not young and vibrant enough to match Clegg. A non-entity. A joke.

So, round two to the Lib Dems. Rather shocking because they won the chancellors debate too. For the next one Clegg better change his game plan, because the other two are going to clusterfuck him. They will not like being made fools of and right now they are plotting and scheming their revenge. The media will go after Clegg too, because what they build up they also tear down. Good luck Cleggy-boy, you’re going to need it.


(current breakdown – Cable 2, Darling 1, Osbourne 0 & Clegg 2, Brown 1, Cameron 0)

A poll conducted by ITV after the debate had Lib Dems up 14 points to 35%. That is amazing.

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