5 Tips The Government Won’t Try

In a time when public finances are being cut to pay off an enormous deficit, here’s five methods the government could use to ease the process (yet are too chickenshit to try):

5.Scrap Trident

A suggestion hotly debated in the general election. Scrapping Trident would save billions of pounds that could be put to better use elsewhere. Even if that money never left the defence budget, it could still be put to better effect equipping departments we actually use. Trident if a very expensive symbol, and as long as we foster a good relationship with the USA, we don’t need it.

4.Relax Copyright Law

Currently the government is looking to strengthen copyright law. The way they figure it, piracy should be cracked down on because of the loss in revenue piracy causes. This is a short-term view. True, relaxed copyright law does eat into the earnings of those already established, yet it also stimulates creativity in the those just starting out. Rather than trying to roll back the clock on the internet, the government should be trying to adjust to the times, reappraising how money can be generated from an industry out of date.

3.Legalise Prostitution

The oldest profession in the world holds that title for a reason: it withstands boom and bust. Legalising would not only protect the vulnerable, reduce sex crime and create a healthier society, but it would generate much needed tax revenue and employment. The persecution of this profession is finally coming to an end as people realise policy can’t be dictated by an out of date morality corrupted by religious dogma. We are not a Christian nation, but a secular one, and the laws should reflect this.

2.Reassess the nature of Justice

Prison is increasingly becoming an institution difficult to justify. There seems to be three motivations for incarceration: punishment, rehabilitation and isolation. Isolation (to protect the public by keeping the guilty person locked away) is the only one of the three that prison actually comes close to satisfying, and with rising prison numbers and authorities under pressure to release prisoners early, not even then. We need a complete reappraisal of what we want our justice system to achieve, with punishment, rehabilitation and isolation separated into different sentences, rather than lumped together into one. Only then will our justice system start to see re-offending rates drop and prison numbers reduce.

1.Legalise Drugs

Yup, you guessed it. The big one. Legalise drugs, destroy the black market and create a thriving industry. The economic impact of this would be huge, reducing crime, preventing illness, stabilising Afghanistan and reinvigorating schools. Departments such as Defence, Justice and Health would make huge savings, and the treasury would receive record tax revenue in return. This one is so obvious that it is astonishing we aren’t considering it. The only thing that prevents this rational policy is overwhelming public opposition, but as the Coalition has shown us, that isn’t always a impassable obstacle.

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