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From 23/01/2013 – 27/01/2013 The Mariner is available for free from Amazon.

The Mariner by Ade Grant

Available for free on Amazon until 27/01/2013

Sailing through an endless ocean on an antique slaver, the Mariner is hopelessly alone. The few remaining settlements are broken husks peppered with survivors and dangerous cults, each and every one as lost as he. Fixated upon a need for answers in a world full of rot and with a deep sadomasochist streak, he’s a pervert, an addict and a monster, and might just hold the key to finding a route home.

“Ade Grant’s particular brand of psychological horror is a corrosive assault on the reader’s morals, which repeatedly promises reprieve, only to smash all hopes with a barrage of harrowing imagery and bitter-sweet revelations.”

“I felt the flow was like that of a road-trip, a nightmare highway journey… The Mariner himself made me wince at my species, at my sex especially.”

“…a polemic, twenty-first century “Gulliver’s Travels” of satirical fantasy. I think that it is a surreal, political, critical and analytical allegory. It seems to challenge perceived politics, religion, science, reason and physiology.
Read and think.”

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