Sick Prick

Well folks, it got through! Yes, my new duo of short stories managed to make it onto amazon despite the oh-so-slightly-offensive title and blurb. Hazzah! So, without further ado…

I am thrilled to announce “Sick Prick” will be available from the 28th of Feb. Once again the artwork is by the exceptionally talented Tom Charles who has also proven an effective bulwark against the dreaded typos. Without him these two releases wouldn’t have been possible.

MOLLY’S GRAVE (Psychological Horror)

Aunt Molly meant everything to him, but now Aunt Molly is gone. And if he doesn’t unearth her in time, he’ll be forced to watch her return.

SICK PRICK (Splatterpunk Horror)

In retrospect, I shouldn’t have fucked Karen. The lesser of two reasons why this was such a dreadful idea was the fact that Karen didn’t want me to. As I stood behind her, pumping away, I could just about imagine her appreciative groans, and I suppose in a way she was groaning, though not on my behalf. No, as I delivered my jack-rabbit thrusts, Karen bucked and thrashed, and if it were not for the restraints I think she might have killed me. No kisses for poor old Morris, no tender whispers of erotic seduction. Just the snapping of teeth, the twitching of limbs, and the slop falling from between her legs.

Which brings me onto the second and more pressing reason why shagging this beauty was, on reflection, such a colossal no-no. Karen, you see, was dead.

Available to pre-order now.



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