Hello all,

A quick update today. We’re moving to a new server and with that something of a spring clean is in order. Some may have noticed a lengthy pause on the First Ade then Paul podcasts. This is due to my refocusing upon the long-awaited (by me) Tote novel. The podcasts may resume in time, but only once the pages are written.

Politics has long been an obsession of mine, but over the past few years it had become increasingly nasty, bitter and divisive. For my own sanity, I aim to step back from the brink so far as online political activity is concerned. I’ll continue to knock on doors and have good chats with people in real life, but other than the very rare article, I shall be gearing this site more towards fiction. Believe me, this endeavour shall be much the harder on twitter.

In absence of First Ade then Paul, I recommend The Remainiacs Podcast for your political needs, for Brexit will dominate all for the next few years and these people know what they’re talking about.

Ta ta for now!


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