Ade Grant, in the mountains away from decent folk

Ade Grant was born in Croydon and has never fully recovered.

Raised by wild beasts and nourished by the leavings at squat parties, Ade was finally rescued by Doctor Hayes and smuggled to a rehabilitation facility for ex-Croydonites, in a secret Brighton location. Slowly, over the course of several years, Ade was taught the basics of human interaction.

Ade Grant now writes fiction, poetry and politics, and can be found outside pharmacies in London, rooting through bins.

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  1. Andrew says:

    Mr. Grant..

    A compulsuion utterly normal yet not indulged by me due to a disbelief in heroes or worship of other humans.. Compels me to message you. As a musician who yearns to know someone hears what he is saying…

    “The Mariner” is utterly fantastic. Very difficult for others to pull apart, surely. That must be the only reason it is not a classic.. Besides the gory truth about our humanity that scares most men to the point of avoidance. Bravo for writing it! Thank you.

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