First Ade then Paul – Of Mice and Mental Powers

This week, our bold heroes daringly discuss the Likelihood of a General Election & Machine Mind Interfaces:

On the allegations about election spending, here’s the video mentioned where Andrew Neil interviews Grant Shapps:

Cameron’s Stock Continues To Fall

It is all playing out like some great Shakespearian tragedy. The referendum David Cameron never expected to have to deliver continues to hover on a knife-edge, and so the ever more extreme methods the Prime Minister is having to pull out of the bag further destroys his reputation with his own party. Rumour is that there is a strong contingent of Tory MPs who are preparing to mount a leadership challenge on anything other than a landslide to the remain camp. Also bubbling along beneath all this is the Tory Election Scandal unearthed by Channel 4 News. With that in mind, Conservatives might want another election called pronto to draw a line beneath the murky goings on of the 2015 election. It all makes for some uncertain times ahead. Previously the Prime Minister could hide behind his popularity with the public, but as the video below shows, that shield is slipping: