Mines Bigot Than Yours by Christopher Hayes

GordonThe media say this is the event that will lose Gordon Brown the election.
It’s certainly cementing the end of labour’s current reign, a final nail in a political coffin currently being hammered home by media sites around the world.

I don’t think Gordon Brown is a bad man. He’s not coming across as a particularly nice one either. He has ambition to lead a party to govern a country and hold power by satisfying the voting public. He wants to do it well and can’t. None do, but the lucky ones might just get a crack at it if we like them enough.

I just saw video footage of a radio interview where he has his gaff played back to him. Mr Brown visibly recoils when they tell him they are about to play it. He also says “IF” he said anything to offend her. Frankly his presence looked to have been enough. Whether Gillian Duffy is a bigot or not, what it shows is that Mr Brown is not a people person. He came across as partronising and I could see he didn’t want to be there.

For her part Mrs Duffy came across as bitter and hostile. It was a disastrous meeting and we all knew it. He voiced it. We heard it and what? Did we learn anything we didn’t already know? Do we really expect our leaders to be better than us? Do we want to feel loved by them? Believe that they care, have faith and want to protect the people they lead? Have we earnt the right for that expectation? Gillian Duffy certainly did and felt put out by the contrary. Is she a bigot? Well who isn’t? We are all guilty of being what we are and so is he.

Sadly at the end on the day we saw a PR stunt go horribly wrong and a nation hear the personal views of an unpopular incumbent.
It’s a shit job, but someone wants to do it.
Look out Sue. He’s coming for you!


Many Thanks to Chris Hayes for the above article.