Check It Out: Second Look Reviews

Looking for movie reviews both past and present? Interested in gems that might have sailed you by? Check out this film review site by screenwriter Tom Charles, “Second Look Reviews“. From personal experience, Tom Charles’ encyclopaedic knowledge of television, film and literature means that when he speaks, one should listen. Check it out and keep an eye.

Also, to commemorate hackers leaking names of EDL supporters, I’ve posted a couple of old poems which you can find off the Poetry drop-down above. The relevant one is “BNP List“, about a similar event that happened to a similarly far right political party some years ago.

The Face Of Things To Come

So the new Cabinet’s been announced. There were a few surprises, a few joys, and a sprinkling of disappointments.

Nick Clegg is Deputy Prime Minister, so Cameron can keep him close and Liberals can dream of a scenario where Cameron chokes on something.

William Hague is Foreign Secretary, which isn’t surprising and something I think we can all live with.

Theresa May is Home Secretary. Not good. Will keep my fingers crossed that in a year or so a reshuffle will put Chris Huhne in that position (he got Energy and Climate – which’ll be good).

The biggest disappointment came from George Osborne becoming Chancellor. I assume this is to save face because the Tory party would rather have Ken Clarke and the rest of us would rather have Vince Cable. Oh well..

Below you can see a video of David Cameron and Nick Clegg doing a little play, acting out how the next five years will work.