The Mariner

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Available Now!

Hate Rage Persecution Mutilation Isolation Guilt Perversity Self-Harm Paedophilia Alcoholism Deviancy Devils Zombies Ostracism Pornography Wasps Insanity Masturbation Loneliness Voyeurism Addiction Murder Rape Depression True-Love & THE MARINER

Sailing through an endless ocean on an antique slaver, the Mariner is hopelessly alone. The few remaining settlements are broken husks peppered with survivors and dangerous cults, each and every one as lost as he. Fixated upon a need for answers in a world full of rot and with a deep sadomasochist streak, he’s a pervert, an addict and a monster, and might just hold the key to finding a route home.

A post-apocalyptic jaunt through a psycho-sexual nightmare, Ade Grant’s debut novel takes an uncomfortably honest appraisal of male sexuality and acts as an enema to the very darkest elements that lurk within us all.

I wrote “The Mariner” in segments across a two year period, developing the narrative during some very difficult times. The relief when I finished was overwhelming, not because of the work involved, but because I would no longer have to keep my mind engaged with such a cynical and traumatic plot.

Throughout the work, I wanted to convey the overwhelming need for suicide that can inhabit a depressive’s life, a sense that they are living on borrowed time, violating some pre-ordained expiration date. It is also about Anarchism and the danger of groups, of being isolated from society and unable to bridge an invisible divide. It’s about the corruption of thought and ideas and the decay of logic. It’s about sexuality, and the darkest of male urges. It’s about all these things, but mostly it’s about love.

You may not realise this of course, you may just read a book about monsters, ghosts, pirates and perverts, but whatever you get from this horrible little novel I hope you can appreciate that it’s honest; humanity lurks in those pages.

Unless of course you find there is no truth, there’s only the Wasp…

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