BNP List

For those of you outside the British Isles, the BNP are a political party of the far right persuasion. Needless to say, being a member of such a party should be source of shame and several years ago hackers managed to uncover a list of party members/donors. At the time I wrote this little poem. Hope you like it.


He once was a friend I hope you get the gist
I just saw my friend on the BNP list
The one in the news that you could not have missed
His name was right there on the BNP list

It hangs on my heart like a bloody great cyst
I just saw my wife on the BNP list
Those beautiful lips that I’ll no longer kiss
Because she was found on the BNP list

At first I was worried but now I am pissed
I just saw my dad on the BNP list
Shame brings me shakes to my tightly clenched fist
Why is his name there on the BNP list?

That should be the end but now here’s the twist
I just saw MY name on the BNP list
Don’t like immigrants but I’m not racist
I’m not like the rest on the BNP list

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