Artwork by Andrew McSweeney

‘Seeker’ is a collection of short stories written prior to 2012. Most of these stories appeared in the Rotten Philosophy collection, though this is not an identical reissue. All stories have been tidied up for re-release, as well as additional tales included.

Some of these short stories continue similar themes to ‘The Mariner’. The Couch (2010) is a post-apocalyptic tale about the loss of humanity and my innate distrust of authority, whilst my oldest tale, Seeker (2008), is about a protagonist consumed by bereavement.
The darker sides of our nature are further explored in Sausages (2010), a retelling of a classic story of domestic abuse and The Secret Junction (2009), in which temptation corrupts the soul of a Bangkok taxi-driver.

Straying from my staple diet, Three Ghosts (2008) is my own Christmas triple horror story, homage to Charles Dickens, and an exploration of concepts I’d previously dabbled with in film.

I’ll let The Abortionist (2010) speak for himself.

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