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FREE from tomorrow

To celebrate all this talk of time travel and JFK, from tomorrow (Feb 17) until Sat (Feb 21) Pushing Ice Cream In Dallas will be available for free through Amazon!

Pushing Ice Cream In Dallas concerns itself with a waitress, Deborah Banks, who against the backdrop of the most famous assassination in history becomes embroiled in a tussle between good and evil… or at least a tussle between perverts and even worse perverts.

Things are looking up for young Dallasite Deborah Banks; a devoted boyfriend, besotted admirer, and her political hero is coming to town.

The only problem is that her boyfriend is nuts, her admirer is a pervert named Friedrich Nietzsche and President Kennedy is about to be assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald.

Most tales of time-travel focus upon the gunman inside the Texas School Book Depository. Not many address the mysterious ice cream truck, giant wooden horse, nor the gaggle of dirty old men within it. But they were there. And Deborah Banks is about to find out why.

Dallas, 22/11/1963; there ain’t no better place to hawk your wares.

Recommended only for adults.

UK http://www.amazon.co.uk/Pushing-Ice-Cream-Dallas-Grant-ebook/dp/B016X8B0WO/

US http://www.amazon.com/Pushing-Ice-Cream-Dallas-Grant-ebook/dp/B016X8B0WO/


Beginning today on Hulu (for you Americans, not sure when us Brits are going to get a looksie) is a new 8 part mini-series adaptation of Stephen King’s 11.22.63. The story concerns itself with a time-traveller who goes back in time to try to save JFK from assassination, only to find that time doesn’t want to be changed. Check out the trailer below:

I can highly recommend the book, especially if you’re a fan of IT, though if fans were hoping to get a look at 60s Derry in the mini-series, they’re in for disappointment. As can be expected, references to his other works have been chopped.

So what do people think? Is this adaptation a winner, or do we have another Under The Dome here? Prizes for anyone who stops the Quadrupedalo.