Bid to Legalise Cannabis in UK

I have endless respect for MP for North Norfolk, Norman Lamb, and this stand he took on the 23 March is a good example why. I’ll be addressing this issue on a podcast soon, but for now you can listen to the entire speech he made below:

You’ll also notice Labour MP Paul Flynn in the background, another courageous campaigner on this issue.

And Blank It Shall Stay!

Bob Ainsworth, a Home Office Minister under Tony Blair, has called for a debate to be held on alternatives to prohibition. Appearing on The Daily Politics he talked candidly about his time in office; how he could only move policy slightly in the direction he wanted, regrettably being unable to voice his true views due to his party’s fear of media fury.

Once again we see that time and time again politicians are presented with the facts, only to turn away into ignorance out of fear of being crushed under the weight of public hostility.

Already the knives are being sharpened for poor Bob Ainsworth, who is showing considerable courage to put his hand up and say that he wasn’t doing his job properly and a new system of legalisation needs to be put in place. The Labour party has already distanced itself from him, branding Ainsworth as ‘irresponsible’. It seems Ed Miliband’s blank sheet of paper doesn’t extend to drugs policy.

It’s a pity for Labour, because adopting radical solutions to today’s problems could re-energise the party once more. Sadly Miliband doesn’t want to be brought into office on a wave of hope, but of anger, so instead of debating real issues he’ll continue exploiting peoples fears. How very sad.

Good for you Bob Ainsworth! If more of your party was like you then the Coalition really would be in danger. As it is, I fear your head is for the chop, like so many before you.