Check It Out: Second Look Reviews

Looking for movie reviews both past and present? Interested in gems that might have sailed you by? Check out this film review site by screenwriter Tom Charles, “Second Look Reviews“. From personal experience, Tom Charles’ encyclopaedic knowledge of television, film and literature means that when he speaks, one should listen. Check it out and keep an eye.

Also, to commemorate hackers leaking names of EDL supporters, I’ve posted a couple of old poems which you can find off the Poetry drop-down above. The relevant one is “BNP List“, about a similar event that happened to a similarly far right political party some years ago.

Breaking The Taboo

Thanks to the brave folks in Washington and Colorado, the campaign to end the disastrous war on drugs is gaining momentum. A new documentary will be released on 7 December (on Youtube) that promises to explore this fake war. Looks to be interesting, they have scored some very high profile interviews.

Scratching the Hobbit

To celebrate the upcoming Peter Jackson prequel to Lord Of The Rings, the expose documentary “Guerilla Distribution” is available to watch on youtube. Featuring Sir Ian McKellen (Gandalf) and author Brian Sibley, the documentary explores the shady history of the world’s move beloved film-maker and the trials and tribulations of a pair of croydon auteurs, caught beneath the great man’s shadow.

Evil Trailer (SPOILERS)

Two days ago we were discussing the Evil Dead teaser, now we have the full red band trailer to mull over and it’s quite a corker. If you are an adult and don’t mind blood, gore and pervy trees, then take a look below:

It seems the be an interesting mix of imagery from both the first and second film, taking some of the more hilarious moments of ED2 (such as the possessed hand) and redoing them in the ethos if ED1. This entails shredding out the humour and upping the trauma. Of course, a trailer can spin footage any way it likes, so this is all conjecture at this point. The cast seem perfectly acceptable, though all we really see them doing is screaming and wailing, but they are pulling that off at least. Over-all, very optimistic and holding out hope that Bruce will make some sort of cameo, ideally playing Ash on a tape-recorder telling them not to say “the words”.

Thumbs up to:

    The self-mutilation
    Having the road get washed out instead of a bridge collapsing
    The return of the dirty tree!

Thumbs down to:

    The removal of the milk-white undead eyes.
    The inclusion of moments that are always going to be compared to Bruce (and be found lacking!)
    The necromonicon still looks like a hokey prop.

The Evil Tease

When I was a wee nipper a trilogy of films fell into my lap that changed my life forever: The Evil Dead. It seems I was not alone, as today there are legions of Bruce Campbell fans (an actor who made his name starring in and producing those films) all who would rise up and die in his honour. So it with great trepidation that I await the first proper trailer for the Evil Dead remake starring… er… someone other than Bruce Campbell. I should be outraged, but unlike most remakes that are sterile shades of their original, far removed from the brilliance of the earlier film, The Evil Dead (2013) was produced by Sam Raimi (original’s director) and the man himself, Bruce Campbell.

In fact, Bruce appears in the first teaser, though as himself at a convention:

During the clip Bruce promises the audience that they will get what they want, but it was always the humour that drew us to Evil Dead, not the gore. So it remains to be seen if this remake will succeed where so many fail, and whether or not Bruce’s appearance is from genuine input or a cynical attempt to prevent a fan-base backlash. Watch this space.