Danczuk Pays For More Than A Banana

As discussed way back on First Ade then Paul Ep 003 – The Ring of Power, Simon Danczuk, the noble campaigner against the corrupt practices of Paul Rowen (who maliciously claimed for a banana on his expenses), has been ordered to pay back £11,583.20 wrongly claimed for children that weren’t actually living with him in London.

When campaigning against Rowen, Danczuk apparently used the tactic of putting supporters in banana costumes to highlight his opponent’s terrible sin, so presumably the Liberals will deploy youngsters against Danczuk to highlight his, though unperturbed, Danczuk would probably just send them all lewd text messages.

Old School Political Ads

When researching Third Party Candidates for the latest episode of First Ade then Paul, I came across this Ross Perot infomercial. The whole thing is simply him talking to the camera about his policies whilst every so often pointing to a graph. It is dull, lengthy and everything a political ad should be.

I tried to find examples of the negative ads to put alongside this one, but I truly cannot tell the genuine negative ads from the spoof ones. The quality is pretty much the same.

The Centre Does Not Hold

And so he departs the race; Jeb Bush is gone. After finishing a disappointing 4th in South Carolina, the once-front-runner has decided to call it quits. Note that was 4th, not 5th or 6th – those candidates are bizarrely clinging on. I’m looking at you Ben Carson!

We’ll be discussing the fate of Jeb Bush on this week’s edition of First Ade then Paul, but for now take a look at this video from the BBC. It details the increasing polarisation of American society, which I believe is a preview for the way our society in the UK is headed thanks to social media.