Sons of York

Sons of York

Available for Pre-Order Now!

Sons of York is now available to pre-order through Amazon and will zip down into your device on Saturday 31st. And only for 99p. Blimey!

Collection of two short stories with artwork by Tom Charles.

FROTHBOT (Science-Fiction / Politics)

For eight years the government has remained paralysed, unable to cope with spiralling inflation and disintegrating public services. With society on the brink of collapse, a journalist gets the opportunity to interrogate a politician at the centre of it all. He works for the PaPA Department, the mysterious system locked off from public scrutiny, and is the one person she hopes can reveal the truth.

SONS OF YORK (Historical-Fiction / Horror)

13 June 1483. Richard Duke of Gloucester plots within the Tower of London. Will he seize the crown from his nephew, a boy under lock and key? Or will he crown the child and sacrifice his own claim forever? His closest ally is on the edge of betrayal, his court is filled with deceit, and every choice seems riddled with blood.

Short Story Cover Reveal

I am very happy to announce that the first of my new series of short stories for 2015 will be available to download soon. “When?” you may well ask. “Soon” is my lame response. I can’t really be more specific than that. Early Feb. Honest.

What I can tell you is that each short story will be packaged up with a second shorter bonus story, and this release will be followed up with a second duo in the not too distant future. So, without further ado, the cover reveal:

Sons of York

Sons of York, Coming soon…

Artwork is by the rather talented Tom Charles, the bright mind behind Sketchy Reviews. As some may have deduced from the title, Sons of York is a piece of Historical Fiction (or to be more precise Historical-Horror), concerned with events in the grim year of 1483 of Richard, Duke of Gloucester. The bonus story goes in the opposite direction. Political science-fiction. Just the genre that gets the folk out there excited.

A proper blurb will be available soon, so for now I shall let your imagination run wild so to ensure that the final product fails to deliver.