E-Book Available!

Too cheap to buy my book eh? Well fair enough, I’d be dubious too! But now we’re both in luck, The Secret Junction (a short story found within Rotten Philosophy) is available now on lulu as an ebook for the low low price of 1.99!

Enjoy the hidden madness of Bangkok in this glorious little horror story. Click on the image to visit the store.

“Worried about being taken for a ride in Bangkok? Never fear, when you get in Harry’s cab, you’re sure to end up at The Secret Junction.”

Harry Goldwyn was the most famous cab driver in all Bangkok; farang would flock to him, glad to see a familiar western face and warm grin.

However, all this changed when Harry stumbled across The Secret Junction, a doorway to the darker side of Harry’s psyche and his most corrupt inner desires.

Intended for mature readers only: includes content of a violent and sexual nature.