The Mariner Sails Online!

It’s been long in the coming, but here it finally is…

Available Now!

Available Now!

Hate Rage Persecution Mutilation Isolation
Guilt Perversity Self-Harm Paedophilia Alcoholism
Deviancy Devils Zombies Ostracism Pornography
Wasps Insanity Masturbation Loneliness Voyeurism
Addiction Murder Rape Depression

Sailing through an endless ocean on an antique slaver, the Mariner is hopelessly alone. The few remaining settlements are broken husks peppered with survivors and dangerous cults, each and every one as lost as he. Fixated upon a need for answers in a world full of rot and with a deep sadomasochist streak, he’s a pervert, an addict and a monster, and might just hold the key to finding a route home.

A post-apocalyptic jaunt through a psycho-sexual nightmare, Ade Grant’s debut novel takes an uncomfortably honest appraisal of male sexuality and acts as an enema to the very darkest elements that lurk within us all.

Many thanks to Christopher and Paul Hayes on this one. Check out the links below to get your copy!

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