Grabby-gate. There, I’ve coined it – the Liberal Democrat ‘scandal’ that is tearing the party apart on the eve of the Eastleigh by-election. For those not familiar with the allegations (where have you been?) they are regarding the possible inappropriate behaviour of Lord Rennard. Rumours are flying and a police investigation is underway, and it may well turn out that Rennard was a deviant monster who prowled the halls of Westminster with his flies undone, but for now the accusations seem to be a bit of leg touching and sneaky attempts to lure women to his room after conferences.

Now, of course this is inappropriate, no-one would claim that those in power have any right whatsoever to treat others in this way, but as scandals go it’s hardly cash-for-honours. In fact, the perplexing this about this story is quite how this is all such big news. One wonders if the Lib Dems aren’t victims of a news-cycle so geared up for sex-scandals after the Saville case that they have to run wild with something thoroughly underwhelming. After all, this is the Liberal party; if they weren’t all trying to bonk each other behind closed doors I’d be bloody ashamed of them.

So on top of the Chris Huhne /Vicky Price court case, it is a pretty awful time to be a liberal democrat. Some polls place them in fourth place behind UKIP and it is now law that whenever the word liberal is mentioned in public you have to spit on the ground. Still, it is not as if there is any important vote coming up-

Hey wait a minute!! Isn’t there a marginal lib dem/tory seat up for grabs this week? Oh my goodness, so there is! Well isn’t that a coincidence! If I was paranoid I’d say this rather weak scandal was being ramped up to affect the by-election results, but thankfully I’m not so save your hate mail.

It’s all just a coincidence. A miraculous, perplexing coincidence.

Mrs Robinson

Just a quick post today to celebrate the downfall of Iris Robinson. Whilst what is happening to her would be utterly tragic in most circumstances (unhappy woman forms a relationship with a teenage boy, gets involved in dodgy financial dealings and then has a breakdown when the papers get hold it it, finally dragging down her husband with her – who happens to be the first minister), in the case of Mrs Robinson it is utterly hilarious. Why? How could we be so mean? Because Mrs. Robinson and the DUP are a deeply religious party who base their views on literal interpretations of the bible. In fact, just months ago Iris Robinson spoke out against the evils of homosexuality. Good grief!

Such hypocrisy being revealed is always a joy. It provides me with another opportunity to mention Ted Haggard, an evangelical preacher in the states who was caught taking crystal meth with his gay lover. Wonderful. When will people realise that religious organisations are just large groups of sexual deviants?

Anyway, here’s a song from