Sons of York – Permanently Free… Sort Of

Sons of York, the duo short story collection, is now available across a range of stores, and free on all of them. Except Amazon. There you’d still need to pay a pitiful dollar or so. So good readers the choice is yours. Grab it for free or stick with Amazon and give me a buck. I’ll let you decide.

Below are some of the locations where you can get hold of the free ebook:


Many thanks to “MB” for providing the first review on Smashwords:

5/5 “Very interesting quick read.
Sons of York is a gritty historical novel.
Frothbot reminded me a bit of Robert Sheckley stories – interesting, quick and with something to think about in it.”

Sons of York Free Giveaway

From 26/04 through until the end of the month, Sons of York will be available to download for free through Amazon. Go on, go help yourself to a freebie!

Sons of York

Collection of two short stories:

FROTHBOT (Science-Fiction / Politics)

For eight years the government has remained paralysed, unable to cope with spiralling inflation and disintegrating public services. With society on the brink of collapse, a journalist gets the opportunity to interrogate a politician at the centre of it all. He works for the PaPA Department, the mysterious system locked off from public scrutiny, and is the one person she hopes can reveal the truth.

SONS OF YORK (Historical-Fiction / Horror)

13 June 1483. Richard Duke of Gloucester plots within the Tower of London. Will he seize the crown from his nephew, a boy under lock and key? Or will he crown the child and sacrifice his own claim forever? His closest ally is on the edge of betrayal, his court is filled with deceit, and every choice seems riddled with blood.

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