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FREE from tomorrow

FREE from tomorrow

To celebrate all this talk of time travel and JFK, from tomorrow (Feb 17) until Sat (Feb 21) Pushing Ice Cream In Dallas will be available for free through Amazon!

Pushing Ice Cream In Dallas concerns itself with a waitress, Deborah Banks, who against the backdrop of the most famous assassination in history becomes embroiled in a tussle between good and evil… or at least a tussle between perverts and even worse perverts.

Things are looking up for young Dallasite Deborah Banks; a devoted boyfriend, besotted admirer, and her political hero is coming to town.

The only problem is that her boyfriend is nuts, her admirer is a pervert named Friedrich Nietzsche and President Kennedy is about to be assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald.

Most tales of time-travel focus upon the gunman inside the Texas School Book Depository. Not many address the mysterious ice cream truck, giant wooden horse, nor the gaggle of dirty old men within it. But they were there. And Deborah Banks is about to find out why.

Dallas, 22/11/1963; there ain’t no better place to hawk your wares.

Recommended only for adults.

UK http://www.amazon.co.uk/Pushing-Ice-Cream-Dallas-Grant-ebook/dp/B016X8B0WO/

US http://www.amazon.com/Pushing-Ice-Cream-Dallas-Grant-ebook/dp/B016X8B0WO/

meh – New Hardback Release

Dallas 22/11/63. President Kennedy’s motorcade approaches the Texas School Book Depository. Deborah Banks might be able to save him and thus change the course of history… that is if the monster inside the Ice Cream Truck doesn’t get to her first…

Bringing together all the previously released ebook stories into one hardback edition with additional original content.

A dozen short stories from the author of The Mariner. Science fiction, horror, satire and smut… with more than a little meh.

meh web imageCONTENTS


*Previously unreleased.

It’s 22.11.63 not 11.22.63! New Time Travel Novella

Hello all!

It’s been a while, I confess. I have been rather distracted. But I’m back now and to celebrate here’s the blurb for the new novella.

This one’s a comedy / sci-fi / satire with cover art by the magnificent photographer Fergus Ford. I hope you like it:

Pushing Ice Cream In Dallas MedPUSHING ICE CREAM IN DALLAS

Things are looking up for young Dallasite Deborah Banks; a devoted boyfriend, besotted admirer, and her political hero is coming to town.

The only problem is that her boyfriend is nuts, her admirer is a pervert named Friedrich Nietzsche and President Kennedy is about to be assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald.

Most tales of time-travel focus upon the gunman inside the Texas School Book Depository. Not many address the mysterious ice cream truck, giant wooden horse, nor the gaggle of dirty old men within it. But they were there. And Deborah Banks is about to find out why.

Dallas, 22/11/1963; there ain’t no better place to hawk your wares.

If anyone wants a review copy get in touch, otherwise cough up the two quid you stingy buggers.

Sick Prick

Well folks, it got through! Yes, my new duo of short stories managed to make it onto amazon despite the oh-so-slightly-offensive title and blurb. Hazzah! So, without further ado…

I am thrilled to announce “Sick Prick” will be available from the 28th of Feb. Once again the artwork is by the exceptionally talented Tom Charles who has also proven an effective bulwark against the dreaded typos. Without him these two releases wouldn’t have been possible.

MOLLY’S GRAVE (Psychological Horror)

Aunt Molly meant everything to him, but now Aunt Molly is gone. And if he doesn’t unearth her in time, he’ll be forced to watch her return.

SICK PRICK (Splatterpunk Horror)

In retrospect, I shouldn’t have fucked Karen. The lesser of two reasons why this was such a dreadful idea was the fact that Karen didn’t want me to. As I stood behind her, pumping away, I could just about imagine her appreciative groans, and I suppose in a way she was groaning, though not on my behalf. No, as I delivered my jack-rabbit thrusts, Karen bucked and thrashed, and if it were not for the restraints I think she might have killed me. No kisses for poor old Morris, no tender whispers of erotic seduction. Just the snapping of teeth, the twitching of limbs, and the slop falling from between her legs.

Which brings me onto the second and more pressing reason why shagging this beauty was, on reflection, such a colossal no-no. Karen, you see, was dead.

Available to pre-order now.

UK http://www.amazon.co.uk/Sick-Prick-Ade-Grant-ebook/dp/B00TOW6R3Y/

US http://www.amazon.com/Sick-Prick-Ade-Grant-ebook/dp/B00TOW6R3Y/

Sons of York

Sons of York

Available for Pre-Order Now!

Sons of York is now available to pre-order through Amazon and will zip down into your device on Saturday 31st. And only for 99p. Blimey!



Collection of two short stories with artwork by Tom Charles.

FROTHBOT (Science-Fiction / Politics)

For eight years the government has remained paralysed, unable to cope with spiralling inflation and disintegrating public services. With society on the brink of collapse, a journalist gets the opportunity to interrogate a politician at the centre of it all. He works for the PaPA Department, the mysterious system locked off from public scrutiny, and is the one person she hopes can reveal the truth.

SONS OF YORK (Historical-Fiction / Horror)

13 June 1483. Richard Duke of Gloucester plots within the Tower of London. Will he seize the crown from his nephew, a boy under lock and key? Or will he crown the child and sacrifice his own claim forever? His closest ally is on the edge of betrayal, his court is filled with deceit, and every choice seems riddled with blood.

Short Story Cover Reveal

I am very happy to announce that the first of my new series of short stories for 2015 will be available to download soon. “When?” you may well ask. “Soon” is my lame response. I can’t really be more specific than that. Early Feb. Honest.

What I can tell you is that each short story will be packaged up with a second shorter bonus story, and this release will be followed up with a second duo in the not too distant future. So, without further ado, the cover reveal:

Sons of York

Sons of York, Coming soon…

Artwork is by the rather talented Tom Charles, the bright mind behind Sketchy Reviews. As some may have deduced from the title, Sons of York is a piece of Historical Fiction (or to be more precise Historical-Horror), concerned with events in the grim year of 1483 of Richard, Duke of Gloucester. The bonus story goes in the opposite direction. Political science-fiction. Just the genre that gets the folk out there excited.

A proper blurb will be available soon, so for now I shall let your imagination run wild so to ensure that the final product fails to deliver.

Review: Bad Apples, Five Slices of Halloween Horror by Edward Lorn, Evans Light, Jason Parent, Adam Light and Gregor Xane

Available from Amazon

Amazon Blurb:
The five freshest voices in horror will make you reconsider leaving the house on October 31st with these all-new Halloween tales:

• A brother and sister creep out of the darkness with bags full of deadly tricks in Gregor Xane’s THE RIGGLE TWINS.

• A boy with a misshapen skull just wants to be normal in Evans Light’s PUMPKINHEAD TED.

• A group of thrill seekers learn that looking for terror is a whole lot more fun than finding it in Adam Light’s GHOST LIGHT ROAD.

• Two bullies go looking for trouble but instead find a young boy and his imaginary friend in Jason Parent’s EASY PICKINGS.

• When a mysterious, Halloween-themed attraction comes to the town of Bay’s End, everyone is dying to pay a visit in Edward Lorn’s THE SCARE ROWS.

Ade’s Review:
Given that I was drawn to this collection by the inclusion of Gregor Xane, it goes without saying that I’m bound to be biased towards his story above the others. “The Riggle Twins” has the same discipline as “It Came From Hell And Smashed The Angels” but is much more humorous and befitting the holiday season on which it is set.

The story revolves around two playful, yet sinister children acting on behalf of a Halloween deity. What I liked the most about this story was the tonal shift depending upon whose eyes we looked through. Whilst the action focused upon the children and the world they inhabited, the macabre scenes are befitting their mental age. Xane describes the events in very much the spirit of the season, taking gruesome concepts but delivering them with humour. On the flip side, as soon as we shift to the viewpoint of adults whom the children terrorise, we lurch into straight-up horror. The purpose of this (or so it seems to me) is clear: for children Halloween is magical, for adults there is only cold stark reality.

Whilst I believe that “The Riggle Twins” is the gem of the ensemble, the quality of the other stories is consistent and worthwhile. First up is Evans Light’s “Pumpkinhead Ted”, a tale of persecution and retribution. The villains are odious, the protagonist pitiable, and when revenge is taken you are cheering it all on. The ending came a little out of left-field for me and I felt it actually detracted from the impact (there I go, dwelling upon structure again), but for others it might be just the right spooky element to wrap it all up.

Adam Light’s “Ghost Light Road” creates an atmospheric late night drive that soon goes awry for a small clutch of friends. Adam Light does well at creating tension within the group and keeps you guessing at just where the shocks are going to come from. In the end “Ghost Light Road” is a stew of horror concepts, with all sorts of juicy lumps to root around for.

Easy Pickings” by Jason Parent toys with the reader until the final nefarious presence is revealed. A flip of “Pumpkinhead Ted” we now perceive Halloween bullying through the eyes of the assailant, though when he picks on a scrawny kid with an imaginary friend, he soon finds the world is not has he originally perceived.

So how do they all fit together? This is pure conjecture, but I imagine each author agreed to submit a piece, but didn’t run their ideas by the others until it was all done. The result is a collection slightly too lopsided towards the concept of trick-or-treating, a few too many cruel bullies getting their just deserts. That being said, this is a Halloween collection, so maybe I just read them all too quickly one after the other and should chill the fuck out.

Fortunately the final story, “The Scare Rows” by Edward Lorn takes us in an entirely different direction, instead dwelling upon the autumnal harvest aspect. Instead of focusing in on a single character, the author casts a wide net across a small town, bringing various viewpoints and equally various fates. Humorous rather than creepy, “The Scare Rows” makes small town Halloween seem rather appealing. On a side note, I think I spotted references to Troll 2, or at least thematic ones.

Overall, Bad Apples is consistent in tone. It starts strong and no story in the bunch lets the team down. If you have Amazon Prime you can borrow it today and have a Halloween read, and for that my friends, it is perfect.

Review: It Came From Hell And Smashed The Angels by Gregor Xane

Available from Amazon

Amazon Blurb:
Thanks to his big ugly mug, Ben Coburn always played the heavy in Hollywood. Yeah, his name was in the credits of a bunch of low-budget B-movie horror shows, but at least he could say he was in the movies.

That was a long time ago.

Now Ben sits alone in a trailer park listening to an old married couple across the way argue about money, just nursing a beer, waiting for something to happen.

But nothing ever happens. That pisses him off.

No, Big Ben Coburn isn’t going to wait around anymore. He jumps on his motorcycle and tears off into the night.

Intent on escaping into a new life, he races past a field of scarecrows, barreling headlong down the highway toward a blazing inferno and a bottomless pit.

Ade’s Review:

I’m rather fussy when it comes to short stories. It’s not that I object to mysteries that lack the word count to be fully explored, or reject characters only glimpsed in passing. These are realities of the medium. What often puts me off is structure. Yeah, that’s a pretty boring thing to be going on about, but for me a short story structure is what turns the words from a loose collection of ideas into a narrative. All manner of absurd notions can be thrown into a short story, as long as the structure is planned and thought through.

Well that sounds pretty damn pretentious doesn’t it? Forgive me, I didn’t mean to come over all arrogant, I’m sure plenty of my stories fail on this account, but I wanted to establish this principle to explain why I describe “It Came From Hell And Smashed The Angels” as elegant.

Gregor Xane’s short story (STRUCTURAL SPOILER) tells you all you need to know in the first couple of pages. Only then, with the rules and the reality established, does he take you on the journey. But of course, what keeps this so elegant, is that you are unaware of these rules being laid, so when they rear their ugly heads at a later point, his careful work is revealed.

I may already have given away too much, so I’ll refrain from discussing the plot lest I make everything too predictable. On the surface “It Came From Hell And Smashed The Angels” is an angry and spontaneous story, but beneath it is concise and methodical. It is free, well worth a read, and can be found here.

Ho Ho Ho! Free short story!

Greetings all, I have just returned from Cologne feeling rather festive. That’s right, I drank a lot of Glühwein whilst eating enormous Bratwursts. Yes, I became merry in a way only those intoxicated and benefiting from the deaths of countless pigs can be!

So to get you geared up for this silly festival that has been passed about between religions like syphilis, I have decided to offer up “Three Ghosts” as a free download.

You can find it on my Lulu store.


E-Book Available!

Too cheap to buy my book eh? Well fair enough, I’d be dubious too! But now we’re both in luck, The Secret Junction (a short story found within Rotten Philosophy) is available now on lulu as an ebook for the low low price of 1.99!

Enjoy the hidden madness of Bangkok in this glorious little horror story. Click on the image to visit the store.

“Worried about being taken for a ride in Bangkok? Never fear, when you get in Harry’s cab, you’re sure to end up at The Secret Junction.”

Harry Goldwyn was the most famous cab driver in all Bangkok; farang would flock to him, glad to see a familiar western face and warm grin.

However, all this changed when Harry stumbled across The Secret Junction, a doorway to the darker side of Harry’s psyche and his most corrupt inner desires.

Intended for mature readers only: includes content of a violent and sexual nature.