Howard Flight, A Teenie Bit Right?

It’s not often I defend a Tory Peer. In fact, I can’t remember a time in the past when I’ve done so, and I probably won’t ever again. I’m not really defending Howard Flight now, except to say, technically, he was right.

Urrrgh! I need a wash. I’ll go get one in a minute, right after I make this point. We should not be encouraging the poor to breed. Yup, that’s correct. We shouldn’t. In that, Howard Flight was perfectly correct.

Where he and I might disagree is on my follow-up: we shouldn’t be encouraging the middle class to breed either. It is not the State’s place to encourage anyone to breed, breeding by its very nature is a selfish act, a move to use up more of the world’s resources just to replicate your own genetic material. Disgusting.

Child benefit should be scrapped altogether and replaced with a child tax. Every additional child, after the first, spawned by a British citizen should be taxed to ever increasing amounts. The tax revenue would be used to improve education, social services and youth groups, giving every child the ability to excel, no matter what their parent’s wealth.

Having a child is not a right, or a duty, or an inevitable act. It is an enormous responsibility, and a decision that should not be taken lightly. The tax system should reflect this. A person should only have a child if the circumstances are perfect.

Obviously there would need to be exceptions. Adoption, for example, would be met with tax cuts rather than tax hikes. We’re trying to stop the reckless escalation of the top predator, not preventing the care of children already in existence.

So stop breeding all of you! Especially you. Yeah, you reading this. Stop it now!

They’re Coming For You Barbara…

We’re rather spoilt for political stories at the moment. Last week there was yet another failed coup against Gordon Brown, the NI first minister is fighting for his political life after a series of scandals, and David Cameron has discovered photoshop and is busy trying to improve his face for the campaign pictures.

But I would like to draw your attention to a little story in the Evening Standard – “Jobless could lose benefits if they refuse drugs test”.

It seems a pilot scheme is being launched in which suspected drug users will be forced into a drug “assessment” if they wish to claim their benefits. I suspect this will garner a large amount of support from the tabloids, but this policy presents a grave breach of a persons right to privacy.

Without due cause, a person should be free from suspicion, and if a person is suspected of a crime then it is up to the justice system to determine their guilt. The benefit system should not be used to blackmail people into proving their innocence to a body who are not a part of the justice system.

Unemployment benefit is a system that we all pay into with the assurance that the state will support us if we fall on hard times and cannot support ourselves. Under this new proposal a person who, having previously paid taxes whilst in employment, is now refused financial aid because they do not consent to taking a drug test.

For those of us who will always refuse a test of this kind on principal, perhaps we could be exempt from tax as the benefit system no longer applies to us?