Catching Up On What I’ve Missed

One of the best things about returning from holiday is catching up on what everyone has been up to in my absence. No, I’m not talking about Trump (though I’m sure we’ll be getting into him just as soon as the story changes), I’m talking about people with rather a lot more talent.

So, my first stop is listening to the film reviews by Tom Charles (of Sketchy Reviews). Join in by listening below:

After that, it’s a pop over to J M Hooker’s blog to enjoy some of his fine photography and musings on fire hydrants.

Photography by J M Hooker

And finally it is off to check in with the latest creation of Paul Hayes… although that’s a secret still in development. You’ll have to wait for that one.

Sketchy Reviews take to the airwaves

Tom Charles (Self Portrait)

Tom Charles (Self Portrait)

Friend of the blog, fastidious proof-reader and Sons of York / Sick Prick illustrator, Tom Charles is taking to the airwaves tonight on PURE FM 107.8. He will be reviewing the latest film releases and I can confirm that he had positive things to say about Ash vs Evil Dead, so his taste can’t be wholly wrong.

Now for those of you outside of Manchester, you’ll do best to tune in online at:

Sick Prick

Well folks, it got through! Yes, my new duo of short stories managed to make it onto amazon despite the oh-so-slightly-offensive title and blurb. Hazzah! So, without further ado…

I am thrilled to announce “Sick Prick” will be available from the 28th of Feb. Once again the artwork is by the exceptionally talented Tom Charles who has also proven an effective bulwark against the dreaded typos. Without him these two releases wouldn’t have been possible.

MOLLY’S GRAVE (Psychological Horror)

Aunt Molly meant everything to him, but now Aunt Molly is gone. And if he doesn’t unearth her in time, he’ll be forced to watch her return.

SICK PRICK (Splatterpunk Horror)

In retrospect, I shouldn’t have fucked Karen. The lesser of two reasons why this was such a dreadful idea was the fact that Karen didn’t want me to. As I stood behind her, pumping away, I could just about imagine her appreciative groans, and I suppose in a way she was groaning, though not on my behalf. No, as I delivered my jack-rabbit thrusts, Karen bucked and thrashed, and if it were not for the restraints I think she might have killed me. No kisses for poor old Morris, no tender whispers of erotic seduction. Just the snapping of teeth, the twitching of limbs, and the slop falling from between her legs.

Which brings me onto the second and more pressing reason why shagging this beauty was, on reflection, such a colossal no-no. Karen, you see, was dead.

Available to pre-order now.



Sons of York

Sons of York

Available for Pre-Order Now!

Sons of York is now available to pre-order through Amazon and will zip down into your device on Saturday 31st. And only for 99p. Blimey!

Collection of two short stories with artwork by Tom Charles.

FROTHBOT (Science-Fiction / Politics)

For eight years the government has remained paralysed, unable to cope with spiralling inflation and disintegrating public services. With society on the brink of collapse, a journalist gets the opportunity to interrogate a politician at the centre of it all. He works for the PaPA Department, the mysterious system locked off from public scrutiny, and is the one person she hopes can reveal the truth.

SONS OF YORK (Historical-Fiction / Horror)

13 June 1483. Richard Duke of Gloucester plots within the Tower of London. Will he seize the crown from his nephew, a boy under lock and key? Or will he crown the child and sacrifice his own claim forever? His closest ally is on the edge of betrayal, his court is filled with deceit, and every choice seems riddled with blood.

Short Story Cover Reveal

I am very happy to announce that the first of my new series of short stories for 2015 will be available to download soon. “When?” you may well ask. “Soon” is my lame response. I can’t really be more specific than that. Early Feb. Honest.

What I can tell you is that each short story will be packaged up with a second shorter bonus story, and this release will be followed up with a second duo in the not too distant future. So, without further ado, the cover reveal:

Sons of York

Sons of York, Coming soon…

Artwork is by the rather talented Tom Charles, the bright mind behind Sketchy Reviews. As some may have deduced from the title, Sons of York is a piece of Historical Fiction (or to be more precise Historical-Horror), concerned with events in the grim year of 1483 of Richard, Duke of Gloucester. The bonus story goes in the opposite direction. Political science-fiction. Just the genre that gets the folk out there excited.

A proper blurb will be available soon, so for now I shall let your imagination run wild so to ensure that the final product fails to deliver.

Check It Out: Second Look Reviews

Looking for movie reviews both past and present? Interested in gems that might have sailed you by? Check out this film review site by screenwriter Tom Charles, “Second Look Reviews“. From personal experience, Tom Charles’ encyclopaedic knowledge of television, film and literature means that when he speaks, one should listen. Check it out and keep an eye.

Also, to commemorate hackers leaking names of EDL supporters, I’ve posted a couple of old poems which you can find off the Poetry drop-down above. The relevant one is “BNP List“, about a similar event that happened to a similarly far right political party some years ago.