Lock Up Your Rodents!

In a bizarre twist to the US Election campaign, Ted Cruz has felt compelled to make a formal statement that although Donald Trump may well be a rodent (Were-Guinea Pig), Cruz doesn’t want to shag him.

Good to know.

There’s also some stuff in there about tabloid attacks which might shed some light onto where he’s coming from with this.

Jeb Bush Endorsement… kind of…

Jeb Bush has come out in favour of Ted Cruz as the man who can beat Donald Trump. Or at least, he kind of has, because he couldn’t be bothered to call a press conference, instead choosing to post this appeal on facebook, probably after a cocktail or two. Expect later this evening the occasional rant and some pictures of cats.

Chris Christie supports the Trump

In a rather sickening display, Chris Christie has come out in support of Donald Trump. Perhaps this is a recent conversion, the action of a man angling for a VP-nomination. The heap of praise Christie pours upon Trump, however, makes it sound like Christie has been Trump’s attack dog for a while, going after Rubio the moment he posed a potential threat. No matter what the deal between the two men, this endorsement comes just at the moment when Rubio was beginning to gain some momentum from Bush supporters coming over, so it looks like Christie has sunk him again.