Jeb Bush – John Major Come Again!

Voters in New Hampshire today are making their choice as to whom shall take all the media attention, at least until the South Carolina Primary on the 20th. Yup, big stakes at play. So far it looks like Trump is going to win, but all the attention is on which Republican candidate can take second place. Will Rubio sustain his Iowa momentum?

Well this wee blog is calling for one candidate to hold in there: Jeb Bush. Yes, by simply being mild-mannered and a bit pathetic, Jeb Bush has claimed our pity vote in much the same way that that nice grey bloke, John Major managed to. So hang in there, Jeb! Don’t let those appalling poll ratings deter you! This election needs a quiet, compromising, bland, middling figure and you’re just the guy to do it!

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The Mothership Calls Her Home

Image Supplied by Grizzly Bay - The Truth About Sarah Palin & Wildlife in Alaska

Image Supplied by Grizzly Bay - The Truth About Sarah Palin & Wildlife in Alaska

Sarah Palin, who rose to fame by turning the Republican ticket in the US 2008 Election into a joke, has now concluded her destiny by taking a job at Fox News. Whilst this comes as no shock to anyone, it’s nice to know how predictable the world is. The Earth will always revolve around the Sun, and nut-jobs will always go work for Fox News.

So a big congratulations go out to Ms Palin and I am overjoyed she has something to do until she decides to run for President in 2012 (or 2016). Sadly it doesn’t appear as if she has her own programme, but I’m sure this won’t stop her claiming ridiculous things about “death panels” and other such glorious delusions.

Perhaps she can have a special show will her and Ted Haggard? That would really make my day!

UPDATE: James Hooker sent me a link to this classic clip. Teeheehee. Palin/Schwarzenegger 2012, COME ON!!