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Hello folks, it is time for another free give-away. Until the end of the week (Sun 13th) you’ll be able to get both The Mariner and Zigglyumph & Other Poems for free! Yes, you too can enjoy amusing little rhymes about Dingos whilst on the loo for absolutely no cost. Why not pick up a friend’s kindle and download it for them? That way when their partner finds The Mariner on there it’ll cause them all manner of awkward conversations.

The Mariner UK
The Mariner US

Zigglyumph UK
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As of writing, The Mariner is riding high at #3 Contemporary Fantasy and #5 Horror on the UK Free charts.

Double Giveaway

It’s that time again folks! Free goodies! But it’s not the just the one ebook I’m giving away, but two: The Mariner and Zigglyumph are available for free on Amazon until Sunday.

Praise for The Mariner

“This story is the wildest of rides – fast paced, energetic, unafraid, relentless, exhilarating, disturbing, and smart. I absolutely loved it.” C.W. RHODES, Writer & Blogger

“A barrage of harrowing imagery and bitter-sweet revelations… Both despicably vile and heart-warmingly comforting.” David Chapman, Goodreads Reviewer

“A surreal, political, critical and analytical allegory.” David Shelton, Amazon UK Review

“Made me wince at my species… my sex especially.” J. Hooker, Amazon USA Review

Praise for Zigglyumph and Other Poems

“I was drunk when I read this collection… and had a blast throughout.” Richard Langston, The Mind Of Madness

“Hilarious and warped… you can read it whilst drinking your afternoon tea, or indeed using the loo.” M, Amazon UK Review

Get Your Zigglyumph Free!

Get it for free on Amazon!

Zigglyumph and Other Poems is now free on Amazon to download until 03/Feb! Perfect to quote from when conversations falter with distant relations!

UK Link

US Link

Anarchic. Subversive. On the very fringes of society. Delve into the fantastical poetry of Ade Grant, where the hypocrisy within us all is dragged from its hiding hole and savaged upon the lawn.

Are we as rational as we like to think we are? Or have we strayed too far from our path, running scared of the Zigglyumphs?

Contains such poems as “Clear Blue Thinking”, “A Change of Heart”, “Gruff” and “Group Therapy”.